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Greeland Technical University


Greenland Technical University is a provider of free online courses at Diploma and Certificate levels. Driven by the goal of providing free education irrespective of barriers like geography or economic status, and with the aim of changing lives, impacting lives, and fulfilling destiny. Currently, the platform caters to the learning needs of over 200 registered learners. Thus slowly achieving the goal 'provide public benefit, to promote accredited education and knowledge, and pioneering institutions making higher education available and accessible to the underprivileged.' through access to the free education and fulfill their life goals.

The institution was set up with the sole purpose of providing Quality Accessible Professional and Reliable Education Services to Communities around the globe.

The University aims to offer empowerment through quality education to its students and to assist them in discovering their leadership qualities and to fulfill their educational goals.

We exist to prepare graduates as human capital to be used for further production in all existing and emerging disciplines both undergraduate and post graduate level.  We develop high-performing staff and prestigious national and international partners.


Our Vision: To have a built human capacity developed community, skilled financially youth, businessmen and women and to raise entrepreneurs in the society.

Our Mission: To passionately empower people in our community, through our awesome rewarding educational programs and through entrepreneurial aids for gaining financial freedom in the society.


To provide public benefit, to promote accredited education and knowledge, and pioneering institutions making higher education available and accessible to the underprivileged.



Greenland Technical University Zambia (GTUZambia) is growing gradually upholding the spirits of its oath “Changing Lives, Impacting Lives, Fulfilling Destiny” in order to contribute to the progress of the business and technological fields in Zambia.

The University strives very hard in exposing students to Standard Technological Development enabling them to achieve high.  GT University brand eventually conveys the following five strategic values:

  1. Excellence in well-rounded education
  2. Focus on quality and relevance
  3. Educational Accessibility & Inclusiveness
  4. Excellent learning and teaching environment
  5. Educational outreach & empowerment

Thus, Changing Lives, Impacting lives and Fulfilling Destiny!

Our Commitment: Committed to prepare competent and compassionate leaders in the areas of science, engineering, arts and social sciences in a well-designed and quality learning environment.

We make sure that our undergraduate and graduate programs are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country and are based on International Curricula Standards. In this regard, the University is awaiting approval with the Higher Education Authority (HEA). It follows the HEAZambia and the Zambian Constitution as it pertains to the management of the University.