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Greeland Technical University

Advanced Diploma in ICT with Education
All aspects of the programme have extensive practical elements with emphasis on group and individual work and the associated business, communication and presentation skills. In addition, the learner is assured of being exposed to the latest, update, cutting edge IT technologies and strategies. The programme also includes IT governance and management and research components thereby preparing graduates for further study and laying the foundation for rapid Advancement in the corporate world. Critical thinking and analytical skills form the core component in each module.

XXX Computer Hardware
XXX Advanced Chemistry
XXX Advanced Physics
XXX Mobile Programming
XXX Software Engineering 1
XXX Electronics for computing 1
XXX Higher Mathematics 1
XXX Higher Mathematics 1
XXX Operating Systems
XXX Electricity and Magnetism
XXX Web Development HTML5 & PHP
XXX Internetworking Design and LAN/MAN Administration 1
XXX Java Programming
XXX Database Management System
XXX Solid State Chemistry
XXX Fibre Optic Technology
XXX Fundamentals of Information Security
XXX Internetworking Design and LAN/MAN Administration 2
XXX Introduction to Computer Systems
XXX Electronics for computing 2
XXX Electronics for computing 3
XXX Information Systems Audit
XXX E-Learning and Digital Culture
XXX Management Information Systems
XXX Network Security Administration 1
XXX Educational Administrative Policy Studies
XXX Artificial Intelligence
XXX Digital Communications I
XXX Teaching Methodology
XXX Teaching Practice
XXX Research Methodology
XXX Sociology of Education
XXX Psychology of Education
XXX Final Year Project
XXX Engineering Drawing 1
XXX Assessment & Identification in Special Education
XXX Organizational Behavior
XXX Philosophy of Education
XXX Curriculum Development